Can I power the XIAO with two AA batteries ~ 3.0v?

I am looking to fit the XIAO in an existing product which has a battery cavity for two AA.
Can I power the XIAO with 3.0v ?
Which pins to use to inject the 3.0v?
Is it still possible to program the XIAO with USB (will provide 5v) with the AA batteries connected OR do I need to disconnect the two AA batteries?
When the batteries start to age after a long time use, their voltage will drop to 2.8v. What is the lowest voltage the XIAO can still run until it powers down?


Try it out and see :slightly_smiling_face:. Or you can use a LiPo battery (3.7v) or a LiFePO4 (3.2v). Theoretically you can connect the batteries to the 3.3v connection without damaging the voltage regulator but no guarantees.