Can I have a switchcover please?

As generous as you have been gifting me an addtiional alu plate for the back of my nano… My Nano is missing a piece on the switch.

Its a bit of a pain not having it there…

By the way am I the only one that posts here? :slight_smile:

ps I have just ordered a Seeduino. (order no 5505) could you drop the missing part in there?

Wow, no problem for that, I have to admit it is a mistake during our beta-test assembly. (both for the extra backplane and missing switch) : )


I’m lovin the Nano… Just got to work out why the X10 probes aint working on all scales… Then I will be truly happy :slight_smile:

Then of course my Seeeduino will no doubt distract me for more than a few hours!

Got my parcel, but I see no switch cover?

Just checked, my comment went after the order printing, it didn’t catch the parcel. We will send a separate one to you, sorry!

No problem… Thanks again