Can-Bus with Arduino Nano

I’m having a hell of a time here.

I’ve connected my nano v3 up to the shield like this and just can’t get the canbus shield to respond with anything but an error (with DEBUG_MODE 1, With a Typo to boot!)
“Enter setting mode fall” when using the “receive_check.ino” and the “receive_Blink.ino”

Nano Shield
D13 13
D12 12
D11 11
D10 09 (i’ve also done D10->10, D9->D10, D9->9)
D2 02
5v 5V

I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here, Is my wiring way off?

I’m using this pinout guide on with the nano to double check myself (Attachment)
and a schematic of the shield to check the wiring (Attachment)
nanopdf.pdf (749 KB)
CAN-BUS Shield_pcb v1.2.pdf (97.3 KB)

looks everything is fine. do you try this shield with an Arudino Uno, does it ok?

Unfortunately i only have a few nano’s, but i get the same result regardless.