CAN-Bus Shield w/ Arduino Uno R3

Hi All,

I am new to the world of CAN and I recently purchased the CAN-Bus shield. I was following along with the wiki’s example code but soon realized that i need two CAN-Bus shields in order for this code to work. My ultimate goal is to be able to send information I obtain from sensors over the CAN-Bus to a PLC. I am trying to prepare for this by first making sure I am able to send CAN messages using the shield. I am wondering if there is a way for me to do a simple program so I can test this functionality?

Thanks in advance for your help!

In fact, CAN-BUS shield is a little professional product. You know, we can’t provide a demo which send or receive data from a car, so we only provide a demo which between the communication of two CAN BUS shield. If you have another device, such as a car or something else, you can use CAN BUS shield to communicate with it,and be care of the operation.


I uploaded the “send” code from the wiki and hooked up the CANH and CANL to an oscilloscope. The shield seems to be sending data correctly but when I hook up the shield to CANalyzer I get some error and the software is not able to read what I am sending. Is the sample code only used to talk between two can bus shields or should I be able to use it to communicate to any can bus device? I also uploaded the “receive” code and used CANalyzer to send data. The interrupt flag never seems to be set and when I force it to be set, then there is no data on the bus (even though I know the data is there). If you have experienced similar problems I would appreciate any input you may have. Thank you!

Just wanted to give an update. Today I was able to send and receive data between the CAN shield and CANAlyzer software successfully. I’m not really sure what went wrong the last time I tried it but it went without a hitch today.


What version of Canalyzer did you use ? Is this the free version (that cannot communicate with a real can card xl from vector).

What are the steps needed to reproduce your lab lol ?