CAN-BUS Shield v2.0: Pads

Hello everybody,

I have bought a new CAN-Bus Shield and I have problems with the pads.

In the wiki there are old pictures from an old version of the shield. So on this pictures the pads are connected to the left by default. But I cannot see this so clear on my bought shield.

So my question is. Are the pads in the new version v2.0 connected by default to the left or are they not connected?

And what is with the P1 pad? Is it connected or not by default?

And what is the default for all pads in the software examples?

Thanks in advance

I don’t quite understand what you mean, could you indicate it in the picture?

In the Wiki of Seeedstudio ( you can see this picture from V1.2. You can see that the pads are connected to the left and in the text is explained that this is by default.

In the following picture is my new shield (V2.0). So here I’m not sure if there are connections between the middle and the left pad. Besides the CS_TF and the INT Pad are not explained in the wiki.

So are there any connections by default or not?

image image We updated it in '17, but this one is consistent.

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