CAN BUS Shield v2.0 interfacing with Adafrut M0 Express, "Send" example

Hi all,

I’m having trouble interfacing the CAN BUS Shield v2.0 with the Adafruit M0 Express board working with the “Send” example. I’m not sure what pin is the CS pin, but it seems like it’s 10, since if I declare the CS/SS pin to be 10 and make a jumper from 9 to 10, then I get “CAN BUS Shield init ok!”, otherwise I’m stuck in a loop that the CAN BUS shield can’t initialize.

Also, when I do get the message that the CAN Shield is initialized, I do not see the LED blinking that the shield is sending any data.

Any pointers on what I can do?

Thank you in advance.

First, make sure the hardware pins are connected correctly.Make sure the code compiles.