CAN-BUS Shield v1.2 + LCD Keypad Shield

Good Morning,
I’m quite new with Arduino and Can-BUS

I have bought two CAN-BUS Shield v1.2, I have tested (two shelds + two Arduino) with the example sketch “Send Blink - Receive Blink” form mcp_can.h library and it works fine.

Now in my project for the school I would setup a CAN BUS communication between 2 Arduino UNO boards in the following way:

  1. Sender: Arduino UNO + CAN-BUS Shield + temperature sensor
  2. Recevier: Arduino UNO + CAN-BUS Shield + LCD KeyPad Shield (I have this one available: DF Robots

When I test it connecting the LCD Shield upon the CAN-BUS Shield It doesn’t work , whitout the LCD it works, why?

I red documentation available and I have understood that on v1.2 the default CS pin is settled to D9 instead of D10 of the previous versions.

Where I can found the actual complete PIN allocation table for the CAN-BUS Shield v1.2?

For the LCD I have this:

LCD KeyPad Shield - Pin allocation Table
Analog 0 = Button (select, up, right, down and left)
Digital 4 = DB4
Digital 5 = DB5
Digital 6 = DB6
Digital 7 = DB7
Digital 8 = RS (Data or Signal Display Selection)
Digital 9 = Enable
Digital 10 = Backlit Control

Are there overlapping pins between the two shields? Is there risk to damage the Arduino board?

Thank you in advance for yor help,
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Looks that there’s some pins conflict, CAN Bus shield use D9(default, can be set to D10), and D11/12/13.
You can try solder a line to connect CS and D2, and remember to fix the code as well.
Have fun.

Ok thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:
Do you mean to solder a line to connect CS and D2 on the CAN-BUS Shield or on the LCD Shield? :confused:
D2 is not already used by the CAN-BUS Shield?

If I’ll be able to make my project work, I promise, I’ll post it on your recipe gallery :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Thank you and Kind regards,