CAN BUS Shield settings 4096 bod/s

help me please…
CAN bus with speed 4096 bod/s (in sensors tower cranes)
in shield library min speed 5kBPS
#define MCP_16MHz_5kBPS_CFG1 (0x3F) - 00111111 -< CFG1 - this use speed? (in datasheet MCP2515)
#define MCP_16MHz_5kBPS_CFG2 (0xFF)
#define MCP_16MHz_5kBPS_CFG3 (0x87)

how can I initialize for 4096 bod/s?

thank you

MCP_16MHz_5kBPS_CFG1 - 0-5 bit use divider
00111111 - max value… what can do? - ReWire resonator in 8mGc? how it will affect the performance can-bus shield?

From my calculations, you will need to change the crystal to 8 MHz to achieve this bit rate. The performance cost would be negligible since the bus speed is slow.

CFG1 = 3C
CFG2 = F0
CFG3 = 86