Can-Bus Shield Questions

In the receive example, there is no


When I start it up, nothing comes up on the console window.

Once I put it in it prints:

But then nothing else happens.
The transmit board prints:

To connect the two boards, I have a 120 ohm resistor between CAN_H and CAN_L on each board and wires joining each of the CAN signals.

I am using a bread board setup, as I got the chips before the can board was released. I have checked the wiring and it seems OK.

Any clues??

Hi :slight_smile: , sorry for this , this is a BUG .There is a new library for Can-Bus , you can download it again on our wiki page .


Thanks for that.

There are two links for the source. The link at the bottom of the page is

And the link at the top of the page is, which is the old one

HI, the links on the Wiki page do not seem to be working, I am able to download the file but i get a “invalid compressed file warning” when i open it,

After renaming the file, to a correct file type, it will open in the Arduino IDE but completely messed up ,

Can you advise on this, did you manage to get it working?


You could try to use the below library in the attachments.

CAN_BUS_Shield.rar (9.3 KB)

Thats great, works perfectly, thanks

I notice that in the CAN.readMsgBuf(&len, buf); part of the code refers to the charecteds set above of length 0 and buffer 8, is that correct?

The sketch works great, but i am a bit confused as to this,

If i wanted to take a particular “Bit” of the message and do an if statement on it, can i use

if CAN.redMsgBuf([x]);



Hi all,

I am doing great with my CAN controlled motorsport RGB Shift Light Array now,

I have it working on CAN bus controlling the lights,

I have 2 questions

1: is there a way of resetting the message buffers each time through the loop? as at the moment, once the CAN bus stops, the last message seems to be stored somewhere and the LED’s remain on untill updated via the BUS,

2: is there a way of setting the CAN.readMessageBuf command to look at one specific base CAN id only? as currently is looks at any message it recieves

Many thanks for all of the help