CAN BUS Shield INT and CS-TF pins

I’m trying to find where the INT (D2 by default) and CS-TF (D4 by default) pins are assigned in your CAN BUS library. D2 and D4 conflict with a LCD shield I’m trying to use. CS-CAN (D9 by default) also conflicts, but I can change it in my sketch. I want to use a Mega board and reroute INT, CS-TF, and CS-CAN pads to unused pins on the Mega.



If you want the fastest results, you can hold two boards to drive CAN-BUS Shield separately, and then let they communicate with each other through serial ports.

Alternatively, if you are confident about your experience, you can modify pin definition the library files yourself for diminishing conflictions (there’s a risk in this step. If you don’t always debug hardware by reading the datasheets, I do not suggest you do that).

Good luck!