CAN-bus Shield connector

Unfortunately, the connector wiring is not compliant with standardized CAN SUB-D9.

It should be
Pin 1:
Pin 2: CAN - L
Pin 3: CAN - V if power supply needed
Pin 4:
Pin 5: CAN shield
Pin 6:
Pin 7: CAN - H
Pin 8:
Pin 9: CAN +V if power supply needed

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we can fix it in the next version. Thanks.

There are two standards actually, so it really depends on what you’re using it for. One is for industrial use and the other automotive. You will see this supplier sells two variants:

I do not believe that to be completely true. The “automotive” pin-out was created to maintain compatibility with some premade generic off-the-shelf OBD-II cable, I have not been able to find any documentation of its origin. However, every CAN dongle/PC-interface I have had the opportunity to use has the pinout published on CANOpen’s website. These dongles include those made by Peak, Softing, and Vector. It definitely is an industry standard. The automotive pinout is only becoming a “standard” because of these shields and I really would like to see it change along with someone making a proper cable to support it. I’ve cooked up my own boards just to support the pinout I’m more familiar with and added solder jumpers for the other, its nice to know someone else makes them the right way.