CAN BUS Shield and Emerald ECU

Hi All

I’m trying to read the CAN data from an Emerald ECU using an Arduino and Seeed V2 CanBus shield and code.

The shield initialises OK and I get a flashing Rx LED when connected, but I don’t receive any data - I have occasionally received data but this is rare.

I’m using the code from the library examples and the only part I change is the baud rate to 1000Kbps (1Mbit/s) as per the ECU’s CAN baud rate. The protocol is here - <LINK_TEXT text=“ … otocol.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

I’ve tried two shields and two Arduino Unos but with no success.

Any thoughts?



I feel sorry about being not familiar with Emerald ECU. If you do not have related experience too, I suggest you buy a USB-CAN-Analyzer and carry out the process of control with USB first, then by code. This makes each of the steps easier to manage.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2888.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Good luck!