CAN BUS Shield 33.3Kbps baud rate


Am trying to listen to a 2008 Honda Civic low speed B-CAN bus and the data rate is 33.3kbps. However for the CAN BUS Shield v2.0, there is only 33kbps. I tried download the software as recommended in the wiki ( to try to set to 33.3kbps but there is no such entry.

Could you please update the libraries to include this rate: 33.3kbps?


Yesterday our user contributed a 47kbps code, you may be able to refer to, a few lines of code can be solved. @szecheong
This is very helpful @szecheong

Can I ask what signal wire the 2008 Civic uses for the B-CAN network? I want to read B-CAN signal on civic 2007 but there is only 1 communication wire. Can I have your documents please?