Can Bus Lighting Control System

I have a boat built in 2002 that has a Carling Technologies system for lighting control. See attached photos. There are 5 PCB multiplex push-button switch pods with a four-wire Can Bus harness and a control unit. There are Deutsch DT Connectors at each switch pod and at the control unit. Power on the bus is 5V supplied from the control unit (4-wire awg18 harness with red wire for 5V, black for ground, green and white for Can high and low). The control unit has Song Chuan 822E-1C-S and 812H-1C-S relays for the 12V lighting loads. The lights are LED for courtesy lights and halogen for the overhead. 5A and 10A circuits. In addition there is one multi-push button for heater-fan loads(it cycles 5A, 10A, 15A, off). There are a total of 16 relays and loads, including one spare. The system is no longer built or supported by Carling.

The system had completely stopped working. It was designed to reset when the main 12V power was cycled on-off. Each of the switch pods has LED switch lights that flash when the system is reset. I noticed that one of the switch pods was not flashing on reset. When I removed that switch pod the remainder of the system worked once again.

I am hoping the defective switch pod can be tested and repaired. My idea was to use a Seeed Can Shield v2.0 on an Arduino Uno to analyze the defective switch pod via a Deutsch plug with jumpers for connection to the Shield. I installed the MCP_CAN_lib from GitHub.

The CAN_loopback example scrolled “Message Sent Successfully” in the serial monitor. The CAN_receive example showed “Error Initializing MCP2515”. The CAN_send example scrolled “Message Sent Sucessfully”. The Mask Filter examples show “Mode Failure” when entering configuration mode.

I don’t think I am seeing anything from the switch-pod Can Node. One possible problem is that I don’t think the Switch Pod has a MCP2515. The processor on the PCB is a PIC16C63A-041/SO. Is this a problem?

Is there a way to make this work so that I can analyze the switch-pad for defects?


“Message Sent Successfully” showed you can initiate your shield successfully, there is no problem with your hardware.

But “Error Initializing MCP2515”. was also shown in some examples, so I guess that you forgot to check this line of code, the value is 9 or 10, which depends on shield version.
</s>MCP_CAN CAN0(10); // Set CS to pin 10<e>
Sounds that you just need to analyze the signals without programming, why not buy a USB-CAN-Analyzer? That would save a lot of time.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2888.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Good luck.