CAN Bus baud rate

Is it possible to addapt the seeedstudio can library to do 1000kbps? I’ve tried to undestand the mcp_can_dfs.c file which lits CFG1,2,3 and compare them to values of a can bit timing calculator but they dont match. I’m using kvaser bit timing calculator and assuming that mcp2510 and mcp2515 values should work the same.


yes,it can works on 1000kbs,pls refer to my githun and download the latest

Thank you for the quick response! Next month i will set the hardware up and try to get it to work. Best of luck for you.

welcome, any question more please free fell to contract me~ :smiley:

I had the exact same question.

I went on your github but the can bus shield library on there appears to be the same as the original, it does not have the 1000kbps option.

Could you please upload the latest library?

Thank you

hey, I am sorry that i made a mistake :frowning:

ok, i’ll upload it soon !!!

done now, have a try~

Thank you for the update, I will try to receive some messages on 1000kbps tomorrow.