Camera Shield (with SD) V1.0

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I used the code from the wiki and get the ‘picture taken’ so I know it’s trying…

I have used class 4 and class 8 SD’s and I am not getting a clear picture. SOMETIMES I get 3/4 of the picture and it looks ok but other times I am either getting nothing or a few bars of junk in the jpg.

Anyone have any idea’s?

I have been trying support with Seeed but all I got was try yet ANOTHER card and nothing after that

Someone else has to have tried this shield.
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Steve T.


I used Seeeuino Cloud with this Camera Shield and even can’t get Camera initialized with the sample code.

Could you let me know how you build and wire this Camera Shield to make it work?


I found that I had to format the SD card with FAT32 using a Windows PC. Put the SD card into the PC and it should show up in Windows file manager. Right click on it and select Format. Do a quick format FAT32. This will also clear the card. If there are other files on the card the shield example may not work. It gets confused trying to find an unused filename if there are names other than IMAGExx.JPG.

Make sure the camera shield is getting 5V power. If you are using a uartsbee to program it make sure the switch is in the 5V position. Also try resetting the camera using the reset button on the camera shield followed by resetting the arduino under it. If it gets interrupted while taking a picture or moving data to SD card it will hang the next time you upload your sketch and run it.

I have found the camera shield works well on a Stalker V2.3 without XBee radio installed. I’m using software serial on pins 4,5 with corresponding jumpers on the camera shield to communicate with the camera shield. You need to put this pin configuration in the arduino sketch. I’m using pin 2 for radio communication which is why I moved the port. This is probably not an issue for you.

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