Hi guys,

without calibration this little device is not much useful … is there any chance someone can write a readable calibration manual The calibration segment that exist in current user manual does not work!

What does ZERO, DIFF and VOLTAGE means?

How do I navigate trough table without it messing up with existing measurements?

I see that I can only edit ZERO and DIFF fields but I cannot edit VOLTAGE field. If the ZERO field defines when the active and gnd are connected, isn’t device smart enough to calculate the value?! If I short lead and gnd - it is zero ?! If the DIFF is difference between input voltage (coming from voltage source) and measured voltage, how to edit DIFF value when I don’t know what is measured by quad? Why not show the value in VOLTAGE while we are editing DIFF value so we can “make it same as input” - also, what is point of stepping on the VOLTAGE field if we cannot edit it ?!

This is serious part of the device, you really need to make this one work before you do anything else or this is then just another expensive unusable toy …

Arhi is right on this one.

I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, but either my unit is broken, the instructions on calibration are too vague or the code is broken.
There is NO mention in the instructions of three fields. I suspect the unit is fine and the documentation or code is what is broken.

I have the latest SYS1.34, APP2.33 and FPGA 2.22 code.

Please advise.

please download the app 2.35 and calibration manual zip in the viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1929

Latest fpga and app code… I finally got the unit calibrated. Tks