Calibration with latest GCC firmware 1.24 (APP_G251.hex)

Hi all,

I’m a noob. I got to the calibration portion and am a bit confused about the voltage portion. Do I actually have to supply it with a specific voltage and then do something?

I googled and didn’t find a calibration walkthrough anywhere. Sorry if this is painfully obvious to everyone else, but I’m a bit stuck. I don’t have a bench supply so I don’t really have the ability to easily supply those voltages and am not sure what to do when I do that…


Just ground the probe and go through the procedure.

  • long press button 2 (square) to go into calibration mode.
  • press button 2 (square) to start the calibration.
  • right turn the last turn wheel to accept the values in each scale.
  • right turn the last turn wheel until you see “Exit AND SAVE CALIBRATION RESULTS”.
  • press button 2 (square) and you’re done.

PS: This is just a very basic calibration. For complete calibration you need a power source.
Look at the DSO manual for the complete procedure: … php?id=671