Calibration Accuracy Results

Took V2.4 to my work (NIST traceable cal lab) today.
Horiz timing was perfect, literally less than 1%.
Verticle accuracy was about 2% on all ranges.
Bad news is vertical bandwidth was not even close to 1Mhz. Mine barely makes 400Khz.
Will re-try monday to see if it’s the crappy probe or what.
Low sample rate severely chopped the sine wave above 400Khz.

I especially like the FIT mode as it autoranges vertically and horizontally like an autorange DVM.

Yes, it could easily be seen even by the internal test signal, the displaying of even 500kHz isn’t really ok. Bad signal generator I thought first but I had my suspicions on the nano itself and now it’s confirmed then :slight_smile:

As I said before, the nano is a great product but I would like to pay more for an even better product with higher bandwidth. I have sugested two versions.