Calculate the price

Hi there!
Im new in this forum and I want to ask about the calculation of the price for the PCBs. I can`t handle with that formular… I choose 10x10 cm board, 1,6 mm, 1 layer, green, Qty. 50 pcs, Surface Finish Hasl and in the PCB Dimension is an (+100 $). This represent the total price or what? Or this is an extra price? If so, what is the basic price and the total price? And price for the shiping?

Thank you in advance!
I whait your reply to submit my order.
Sorry for my engl, I`m from Romania.


It’s a price that is specified at PCB dimension + 9.99USD(main product price). You could easily check final price just by adding product to your cart.

It’s a convenient way, and if you have any order problem you can drop a line to