"Bus heavy" @ CAN shield

I’m using a CAN shield on a Uno board. I’ve uploaded the receive example from the library package:

Then I wired CAN-H, CAN-L and ground of the shield to two different USB-to-CAN adapters. One of them from PEAK:

No matter if I send from or receive on the Arduino, the Windows tools say “bus heavy”. The TX (RX, respectively) light up continuously after the first message was sent.

What’s wrong? (I’ve checked the wiring twice!)

hi~ i am sorry that I notice your topic just now~ had your problem been solved ?

I think may be the resistance, try to remove the resistance on can bus shield , but i am not sure about it.

I’am having exactly the same problem I’ve tried with and with out the 120ohm termination resistor. Has any one found a solution, I figure I’am just missing something obvious.