Bus Blaster LCD adapter > reversed backlight polarity

I’ve got an LCD where the + & - of the backlight are switched,
How should i configure the LCD adapter, using the jumpers, and extra connections ?
The display in question is: Crystal Clear Technology C420W01NBW00

:cry: i have not used that LCD adapter…might it could be done in theory

What i want to know is, is the backlight linked/connected to the general minus of the power connection of the/a LCD (Hitachi) display ?

Yes, to make things worse, the +Vss of the back-light is connected to the metal case of the display, i measured it with a multimeter (double check) so i guess, a resistor from pin 15 or 16 to power should do the trick in this case.
The LED of the backlight is still working, and i guess there’s no extra circuirtry between LED and board.