Burn bootloader

Hi.My name is Francu Emilian.Three days ago, i wanted to work with my Seeduino Stalker v2.0, RTC, and seems like it isn’t working anymore…the RTC is stopped at a specific time and date and won’t increment nothing…I used the “Stlker_logger_AM06_Serial” library, and didn’t modify a single line of code. I was thinking if somehow the I2C isn’t working as it should, and wanted to burn a new bootloader, but at the moment, don’t know which is the corresponding bootloader for the Atmega328P on this board, and from where can i get the bootloader hex file. I beg you if you can help me, by telling me the steps in burning a new bootloader, by using a USBasp v2.0. I found a .hex bootloader file in arduino folder (named : ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328_pro_8MHz.hex ), which i think this is what i need, but correct me if i am wrong.Please help me.
Best regards,Emi

hi Francu, you had collected the right bootloader, ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328_pro_8MHz.hex. Maybe something wrong with the code or rtc.

Hi loovee.Thank you very much by confirming my dilemma on which is the right bootloader for this chip on the seeduino stalker v2.I will try to correct the code, to see if the I2C code is working as it should, if i upload the example RTC code from this site. If seems like it isn’t working i still need to upload the bootloader, and still need to know how can i burn the bootloader by using the USBasp v2.0 connected to ICSP port located on the Seeeduino stalker board.Waiting suggestions from anyone.
Best regards, Byemi

Hello, i have the same issue with my Stalker V2 Board, can someone tell me how to burn the new boot loader and where to find it ? thank you for helping.

Any help would be appreciated at this point. Even a hex file of the plasma sketch for Rainbowduino V1 would at least make my current project more than a paperweight.

the bootloarder of stalker v2 is the same with stalker v3, and we have added it to the wiki : seeedstudio.com/wiki/Seeedui … #Resources . Also you can burn bootloader via Arduino ISP.