BT Shield Not Functioning with Interrupts?


I am using an Arduino Due w/ Seeed’s BT shield to transmit serial data.

So far, I have been able to use the wiki page to correctly connect to a PC via dongle and talk back and forth using the SSCOM3.2 program.

However, when I write my own program it seems like the shield malfunctions or something. In my program, I am using a 1kHz timer interrupt to send out a voltage the ADC is reading every millisecond. I have tested a similar program over serial connection via usb, so timer works correctly.

When I upload the sketch and reset the shield, though, it blinks green for a few seconds (like it usually does), and then goes into an inquirable state with the red and green LEDs toggling (which it usually does), but the LEDs only toggle for a few seconds before they turn off. Once they turn off, the status LED’s never blink anything again, making me think there is something wrong with how the shield is using the program.

Has anyone else had the issue where the shield’s LEDs stop blinking? Or interrupts? Any information is good information.


P.S. I have tried to post [code] but I am getting filtered out because my post “looks too spamy for a new user”.

Also, I am trying to use LabView to plot the ADC data.