Broken parts Order #106641 no reaktion


I would never buy again a part. I got a broken part because of insufficient packaging. I wrote a message a view weeks ago and I never got an answer and naturally no replacement!

Disgruntle :angry:


Attached a photo from the front panel. The backpanel is broken too.


Very sorry for the trouble,
I will mail to you soon,

Thank you!


30 days and 4 customer service requests - zero response .
Its seems that your idea of customer service is to test our captcha abilities .
paid for a bus pirate , as in WORKING bus pirate . should have specified “working” in the order form - my bad .


Hi my friend

Very sorry for the trouble,seem our Tickets system occur some error cause we not received your email,
i will email to you soon.
Please email at if you have any questions next time,we will reply within 24 hours on working hours.

Have a nice day!