Bricked xiao esp32c3? Suddenly unable to push code to several boards

Hi there, I’m stuck on this issue where all my xiao esp32c3 are unable to accept code. They were all working fine a day ago, but now I can’t seem to even put it into bootloader mode. I can’t get pass the “fatal error: com port not available” or “no serial data”.

Upon connecting to the pc while holding the boot button, it shows up as a esp32s3 instead of c3?

I’ve tried flashing factory firmware, circuitpython, and regular arduino code. Flashing factory with the provided tool says it succeeds but doesn’t help. I’ve tried on several computers, with several cables, on several boards.

Here are some pictures of the errors
(Troubleshooting xiao esp32c3 - Album on Imgur)

Any help is very appreciated

Thanks to the arduino discord I’ve managed to get it working again! Seems like it had something to do with the arduino IDE, I was using version 1.8.9 and upgraded to 2.0.1, restarted my pc and uploads started working!