Brand new DS203 : cannot install App !


I’ve just received my DSO203 from Amazon, it seems to work fine but it’s impossible to install App.

Hardware : V2.81
Flash : 2Gb
Device Firmware Upgrade : V3.40C
Mini DSO Sys : V1.62
Mini DSO App (+A1) : V1.13

  • power on Quad in DFU mode => OK
  • plug USB cable on desktop (Windows 8.1) => virtual DFU disk named ‘DFU V3_40_C’ appears in file explorer => OK
  • copy file PAWN011B.HEX at DFU disk root => OK
  • eject DFU disk and power off Quad
  • power on Quad while holding the 4th button => the screen freeze with the following message:


I’ve tried to hold 2nd and 3rd button, just in case of… but same issue.

Any idea ?