Bought 8x8 RGB LED 60mm, Convinced it doesn't work

Hi everyone, I just ordered the latest Rainbowduino and now a seemingly regretful decision of an 8x8 RGB LED 60mm from eBay (I already ordered another one from the site). I checked out the stickied topic above about how if it’s plugged in correctly, it flashes (this model is completely unmarked). Here is what I’ve tried:

USB Power & Standalone 9v power Default program, setpixel, drawchar, & drawshape Matrix both ways in each

That’s 2x4x2 = 16 different ways I’ve tried, and haven’t gotten a single light. I’ve already contacted the seller about the item, but is there anything I could be doing wrong?

I’ve chosen board Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega328 and it seems to successfully upload, I’ve done arduino projects in the past.

Thanks for any help!