Bootloader problem

Hello i have a Seeedstudio Xiao small form factor processor which i love but i have a problem with it i can no longer upload new arduino code to it even the usb doesn’t even work. I need to reinstall the bootloader but i just saw a forum on here on how to reinstall the bootloader. The problem for me is which pins do i need to reinstall the bootloader?


You can see the SWD pins, That’s the right pin reinstall the bootloader

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Hello, I did mange to also find image like this a two hours ago. But you are awesome for taking the time to reply to this post. Thank you very much.


To complete that quest to save bricked XIAO, what is the definitive programmer + application to reload bootloader. I am using the dev board to expose the SWCLK and SWDIO but OpenOCD does not see the XIAO : flash page error. What do you recommend :slight_smile:STLINK or JTAG ? ATMEL Studio or Open OCD or something else ?