Bootloader pre-programmed on controllers for pcba?

Hi there and welcome to my first post :wink:
I got an idea about a tiny project i’d like to start. it’s all around an atmega328 and i’m considering seed pcba service. Used it once for some tiny controller boards and it worked really well. But… i had to put those ISP pins on the board although I only use them once to put arduino/stk500 firmware on them and program them via rs232 after.
for my next pcba project i would like to get rid of the isp port. It’s not only about space but it would be much easier to route.
So is it possible to get avrs mounted which are allready pre-programmed for serial bootloader? I think, many people would like to use those… or not?

Hi @rapp.jens,

I don’t know about this service, The seeed employees will replay on that, I think it’s better to mark the ICSP or other programming or debugging pin available in the PCB, it’s very helpful if we want to alter the code or something, you also don’t need to pin to be solder, you can use tes pads and use jigs to burn new programmes.

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