Boot time - overcome

Hi, I have an application running on the XIAO but it must immediately start after power up.
A boot time of 1,7 - 2 seconds is far too long.
I´m using the Arduino IDE, does anyone have a solution for this topic.
Thanks in advance

Are you waiting for the USB stack by doing something like this:
“while (!Serial) …” if so, this is likely to be your problem.

At least you are having more success than I am. When my XIAO powers up it will not run the app until the reset button is pushed.

Hi Asmallri,

I am lucky as my app does not need Serial. Fortunately, it starts measuring and timing as expected, but first, it obviously starts the BootLoader and that takes approximately 1,7 seconds.

Sorry for my late reply, I took an Easter break with my family.