boot loader updation for dso nano

Hi all,

I have attached image1 and image2 for two different types of boot loader supported in dso nano.

I am happier with the image2 boot loader, and would like to change the image1 type boot loader with image2 type boot loader.

How i can change the boot loader?

Lalit Shah

Hi tormod,

Thanks for quick feedback.

Just for conformation do i need to follow the instruction suggested by andrey in the dso nano new bootloader firmware, Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 1:37 am

Which suggests use of USB UART and internal boot loader of the MCU.

Lalit Shah

Hi all,

I have open the board and it was DSO201V1.6C_MB, the schemtic was different from 2.3.

I have attached schemtic for the same. I have removed resistor R41 and have connected other end of R40 to 3V, PIN 1 of CN10 connector.

Seems like i have successfully enabled BOOT MODE as any thing does not appear on LCD screen.
Have connected CN10 connector and have connected TX,RX, GND and Vcc lines from USB UART to the respective lines.

Have downloaded flash loader demo from the ST website and have installed it on my machine.

Still i am not able to make communication with flash loader and my DSO board.

Can any one suggest me what has been went rong in the above steps.

Thanks in advance.

Lalit Shah
dso201v16_final.pdf (69.9 KB)

Hi Tormod,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I was successfully able to connect the device with flash loader and have upgraded the boot loader with the one provided by you.

Now my device successfully enters into DFU mode and i am able to upgrade it with my binaries.

Lalit Shah

[Reposting since my original posts got deleted by mistake]

I went through the same experience with my DSO Quad. Some lessions learned here:
In particular, verify the RX and TX pinout of the UART module, it could be labeled wrong.

Vcc lines should not be connected as long as both units are powered on their own!