Boot issues with X86J4125 Odyssey board

I’ve been having boot and bios issues with my odyssey board after initial setup. I received the eMMc version with windows 10 pre-installed. Out of the box I had trouble getting into the bios, pressing DEL or F7 would not open the BIOS or boot select menu, instead it seemed to cause the system to freeze all together.

After numerous restarts and 3 different keyboards I was able to get into the bios and installed OpenWrt on the eMMc. Now I cannot select the eMMc from the boot menu, it is not available.

I tried updating the BIOS to the latest version ODYSSEY-TGL-A_v2.0a 7/7/2022 16:00:00 hoping that would resolve my issues. It did not. Now it is very hit or miss getting into the BIOS. I’ve noticed that on boot, if the seed odyssey logo is full screen, the the keyboard inputs will work and I can enter the BIOS. If the logo is centered with a black boarded the keyboard inputs do not work.

At this point the odyssey board just boots and sits on the seeed odyssey logo screen and never progressed. I’ve unplugged power and removed the cmos battery, waiting several minutes. This does not help.

I cannot use the odyssey board at this point and do not know what to do next.

I noticed that you flashed the reserver version of the bios that
It does not apply to odyssey.
The correct bios is available here :