BoardX: The Open Source Miniature Motherboard

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment to announce my project, which has received its first round of funding through Kickstarter:

Here’s a description:

[size=150]Unique Features[/size]

  • Processor-independent hardware – the hardware is compatible with any processor, and even multiple processors (since they come as add-ons)
  • Program wirelessly using the XBee Radio Add-on
  • Choice of full size add-ons, or cheaper, miniature add-ons
  • Multiple, independent add-on sockets to reduce vertical growth to 1/3 that of Arduino
  • BoardX automatically routes Power, USB, SPI, UART, I2C and GPIO to the other add-ons so you don’t have to wire anything by hand
  • A Breadboard is included on the motherboard for quick prototyping
  • High current allowance permits direct powering of motors, servos and other power hungry applications
  • An upgradable power supply feature allows the use of any conceivable power source and regulation method. It also plugs in, just like a normal add-on.
  • A unique shape and color, which resembles its name - BoardX. The rounded edges and isolated mounting holes make handling BoardX more comfortable and easier to install in robot chassis.

[size=150]Compatibility Features[/size]

  • BoardX works transparently with Arduino SDK! That means it works out of the box - if you plug in an AVR-X Add-on, it can be programmed over USB using Arduino’s programming language and development software.
  • PIC, ARM, AVR, it doesn’t matter - although we only have an AVR processor built at the moment, ARM boards are in development and you can always develop your own processor add-on using our free templates.


I hope you enjoy it!