board not recognized

I have a brand new and shiny seeeduino mega board. I have tried to upload the blink sketch from the arduino IDE but no joy. It just keeps timing out. One question I have is what board type do I select? I tried uno and duimelinova and mega but no joy. What board type should one use with the arduino IDE? Oh I think I should mention that I get a green light and the tx and rx lights flash when I plug it in.

Also I have two switches on the board. I have no idea what the M_RST_A switch is for. If someone could enlighten me I would be grateful. I did look on the wiki but only the 3v3 Vcc 5v switch is discussed. When the wiki says that the 3v3 Vss 5v switch is to run the board at 3.3 or 5 volts does that mean a high on the pin is now 3.3 volts?

I wonder if there is a library I am supposed to load to get this thing to work under arduino? I got the board through amazon and no documentation came with it.

Any information you want to share I want to hear.

Thank you.

Choose arduino Mega(ATmaga1280)board .
M_RST_A switch , turn on ‘M’ mean when you download the program the board will auto restart , turn on ‘A’ will not auto restart ,default to turn on ‘M’. about 3v3 Vss 5v switch your thought is right.
You can visit the ,study how to use arduino.

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I have the Seeed DASH kit and these instructions and the instructions on the website do not work.

There is no switch for auto (instuctions), or the other switch (in this post).

Lets get correct instuctions please.