Board not connected to Virtualbox windows 10 guest vm

Hi All,

I planned to use a vm for MT3620 development and installed windows 10 to my virtualbox with 50 GB storage and 8 GB memory but i could not connect the board to my vm succesfully. Could you please advice me about this issue? Here enclosed a screenshot from my device manager.




Hi All,

I am answering my self question. After a long investigation from the net i found below steps and now its working properly.

Step 1) Download and install the exact extension pack from internet for virtualbox to recognize the usb2.0 protocol. Because Azure Sphere devkit is running on usb2.0. Here is the web-site for download.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ox-extpack”></LINK_TEXT>

Step 2) Install the extension pack as next-next-next steps.
Step 3) Set the vm usb settings like below and boot the vm from virtualbox. After boot process wait near 2 minutes for self-installation of board drivers. Do nothing while it is installing the 3 com port drivers. Here is the below proper settings for vm.

regards. enjoy with your installed board.


Hi kursat

thanks for the sharing on the azure sphere development board development on VM.

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Hi @kursatgol, how are you?

Thanks for sharing this!

This has bring up another doubt other users may have:

  • You are using a VM on a Windows Host systems. But… If you are using on a Linux Host system?

    I’ll try that when I have the opportunity.

    This is necessary, as to develop for Azure Sphere Kit is only possible, for now, with Visual Studio IDE (on Windows).

    Linux users will have to do this workaround with VM.