BluetoothShield Defective?

I have set up my bluetooth shield and verified that BT_RX pin works fine. The example code works great, I can change the name of my bluetooth device, etc… additionally, I have successfully paired to an Android phone. I have used the Arduino Serial() interface to send text that gets sent from digital pin 7 (TxD) into BT_RX, and then the text appears on my android phone’s terminal emulator.

Unfortunately, whenever I send text on my phone back (and have verified it was sent), that data is never received by the Arduino. I have tried several different digital pins (after changing settings in the arudino code) on the Arduino to ensure it wasn’t a connection issue.

In the Arduino program, I added several debug statements and verified that blueToothSerial.available() is never/never True. This means that the Arduino never sees new data from BT_TX.

Could BT_TX not be soldered right? Any other ideas?

hey,i can use it work well, maybe ,did you use Bluetooth app?