good day
I am currently working on a project to read potentiometer values connected the bluettoth shield on arduino uno ,the values are supposed to be displayed on the hyperterminal of my pc (wirelessly) and on the pc side i am using a bluetooth dongle.

Currently have tried juss to use the demo codes to discover my bt shield on my pc ,it was only discovered as a slave and failed as a master. and later all the the democodes can not discovered by the pc .

Hi there :slight_smile: ,
Firstly , delete the Bluetooth device on you computer .
Then try to pull up your USB wire and plug in , re-upload the demo code of example SLAVE.
For the MASTER , you should change the bluetooth name in the code .

 blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STNA=SeeedBTMaster\r\n");//set the bluetooth name as "SeeedBTMaster"


hi D

nothing happenned still and it used to flush on d1 (green fush) and d2(red flush) but now only d1 is flushing do you think might have a problem here.

I did exactly like what you said nothing is working.


Yes , it is possible to communicate with PC as master . It might have a bit of a trouble to use this module , please be patience and read the command .
For the SLAVE example, have you change the baudrate before ?


hi d

thank you for your response yes i have changed it to 9600 and back to 38400 and nothing is coming its been 3 days with no results,

what to do now ,any other tricks to play with this thing,i have changed pcs but nothing has came up