BluetoothBee - need to find deep, hardware, low-level Info

Hello Forum,

I am working on a cocktailmachine on my College and the
next step is to implement a bluetooth connection between
an android app and a bluetooth bee which is connected to
a DE1 board from Altera, using a cyclone2 FPGA which has
a nios2 CPU implemented.

To connect the bluetooth bee (following: bb) to the board,
I am going to extend the nios2 by an additional UART

The problem now is, that I have to completely implement
the way of sending, recieving, setting up, etc. on the
“driver layer”.

According to what I found on the wiki and what I googled,
there is nothing that goes “that deep” into setting it up.

But as I think, the file “SoftwareSerial.h” which is found
in different example codes, should implement all that
deep hardware interfaces.

So with this file/files, a lot of questions will be
cleared, like:

  • What Pins are necessary for configuring the bb
  • Are commands like \r\n, DLPIN, STWMOD, etc. just hex values
    of 8 bit commands that will send via UART to the Tx
  • what is the speed of the UART needed by the bb

So if someone could tell me where to get this file or where
I can find more information on this subject, I would
be very thankfull!

Also if some people from seeedstudio would like to help us,
we maybe could put like your logo on the prototype of our
cocktailmachine, or maybe do something else.

thanks and greetings,