Bluetooth Xbee not working on seeeduino stalker?


i’ve recently ordered a seeeduino stalker and a bluetooth xbee. i have tried the sample temperature and battery sketch and its working fine, but when i use the bluetooth bee sketch (the delay based implementation without any modification), it does not work. the lights on the bluetooth xbee keep flashing green and the red led does not show up at all when +INQ=1 is sent. have tried running with uartbee connected to the stalker and without the stalker (on battery) and in both cases, i cannot connect/pair using my android phone.

i have tried connecting to Uartbee directly and testing it as in the URL is working OK, there is a red light when +INQ=1 is sent.

is my bluetooth xbee broken, or am i doing it wrongly?


Would you please try plug the Bluetooth Bee on the UartSBee to test?
And the Bluetooth Bee default baud rate is 38400.