Bluetooth TWIG Modules (and related) full command set

Hi there,

Huge fan of the Seeedstudio range, but recently I’ve received a Twig Bluetooth Module in the hope of using it to scan for the presence of other bluetooth devices.

Basically I need to know if other particular bluetooth nodes are in range or not and I was hoping to be able to scan specifically for them by device ID number. But even when simply scanning openly (master mode inquiry on) I can only see the results once for each device, it seems to store this info and only shows new devices appearing.

Are there more commands that currently haven’t been listed? I tried some AT commands but haven’t had much luck…

So what I’m looking for is:

A command to get feedback as to whether a particular node is in range


A way of having inquiry mode show me continually nodes that are in range so I can do matching patterns on these devices to flip bits.