Bluetooth standalone bee and cell phone

Hey I am trying to set up a remote switch over bluetooth.

The problem i am having is that i cannot get my cellphone to “discover” my bluetooth devise
I am Using the bluetooth standalone with the Arduino built in. I am using a uartsbee to program it. I Thought it was possible to connect and pair with a smart phone and hope to be able to turn on and off some leds. I dont think i am using the right code to set it up but it also seems like not allot of people have thought to do this. I want to eventually get it to work on my Iphone but it seems more have figured out a way on the android so i do have access to that too. Please let me what i should try and thanks in advance.

Thanks inovermyhead

if there is another way to preform this that would be cool to i just want to be able to connect and control the device regardless of wifi service or not.

Hello, please send me a PM if you get it.

I have done an app “cromalight” for iPhone to wirless remote control switches, i use a wifi to communicate an iPhone to Arduino and it works just fine. but i am also interested to make it work with bluetooth.

hey , the bluetooth shield can’t compatible with iphone.