Bluetooth Stack working with Bluetooth Bee

Hi all,
i’m going to connect directly the bee with a magnetometer (CMPS09),
to implement a 9DOF AHRS using a Wiimote (wiimote + motionplus = 6DOF).

The direct connection needs the auto-connect function of the Bee.
What i have discovered is that (using a Sitecom 516 Bluetooth Dongle) :
. the windows xp stack works well
. the bluesoleil 6 and 8 work well
. the toshiba stack DOES NOT WORK!

. windows xp stack DOES not connect to Wiimote (with SItecom 516)
. bluesoleil work fine with Wiimote (with SItecom 516)
. toshiba works fine with Wiimote (with SItecom 516)

So, BlueSoleil is the winner to me!

Hope this help other guys.

[EDIT, another usefull info. With BlueSoleil, the Bee Info and the Pairing Key,
are stored in the file c:\windows\system32\REMOTEDEVICE.ini

If you have Paired the Bluetooth Bee with a PC, the automatic connection works, and th remotedevice.ini file
contains the Pairing Key.
If you move to another PC, install BlueSoleil, and then copy the file to the new PC, the Bluetooth Bee
is soon recognized and Paired, and the automatic connection works fine.

This is good if you want avoid using a microcontroller, and connect directly the bee to a device.

Thank you very much for your sharing, we will add this link to the documentation of Bluetooth Bee on the garden.