Bluetooth Shield Seeedstudio

I’m having trouble w/this shield. I can get the returned response slave inquiring, but i cannot send commands and get positive results. I can send commands and all i get is garbage text in return. I’ve tried multiple baud rates, but cannot get text to show. Is there a factory reset method? Is there a way I can send commands directly to the bluetooth shield?

I’m using arduino uno r3 1.0.3. I’ve used putty and sscom32 to send commands. The code i’ve been using can be found … th-shield/

upload sketch to arduino
power down
plug in shield
power up
open sscom32/putty and send commands

Shield will only show green blinking light and doesn’t enter red/green pairing mode.

Hi you can do it as those following:

you need : UartSBee(or others), 4 female jumper wires , Bluetooth shield, USB wire

  1. See your bluetooth shield TX/RX module, you need move BT_TX jumper to digital 0 and move BT_RX jumper to digital 1.

  2. Connect bluetooth shield to UartSBee via jumper wire:
    Bluetooth UartSBee
    3.3v VCC(turn power switch to 3.3v)
    digital 0 RX
    digital 1 TX

  3. Open your SSCOM3.2, send your commands:
    Attention:when you want to send commands,you need

    1. strike out SendNew
    2. send a blank command first
    3. send BT command then:such as +STWMOD=0