Bluetooth Shield not recognized - Windows XP

I am using a seeed studio Bluetooth shield (V1.1) with a Duemilanove.

The Desired connection is between my PC running XP and the Duemilanove via the Bluetooth Shield.

The Windows XP Bluetooth connection wizard searches for, but doesn’t recognize the bluetooth shield when I attempt to “Add” a bluetooth device.

The “Options” tab of the “Bluetooth Devices” dialog has the following settings;

  • Discovery is on.
  • Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer is on.
  • Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect is on.

When attempting to “Add a COM Port” from the “Bluetooth Devices” >> COM Ports >> Add dialog, I have selected Incoming (device initiates the connection), althought I have also tried Outgoing (computer initiates the connection).

After hitting OK to this selection, The “Bluetooth Devices >> COM Ports” dialog box finds a COM port (in my case this is COM5).

Under Device Manager >> port settings for COM5 (Standard Serial over Bluetooth link), I set the following:

  • baud rate = 38400,
  • data bits = 8,
  • parity = none,
  • stop bits = 1,
  • flow control to hardware (but I’ve also tried “None”).

D1 of the Bluetooth Shield exhibits a double green flash about once a second.

I’m looking for guidance on how to troubleshoot.


Dear customer,
Firstly , please check if the jumper you have put is right like the picture of wiki .
And then , you can download the template code and upload the “slave” code to your Arduino , if it is succeed to wait for pairing , the RED and GREEN LED will flash in turn . If still can not work , please try to use other baud rate , the default is 38400 if you did not change it ever .