Bluetooth Shield + Amarino

I’m trying to do Arduino to Android obviously. I’ve gone through the Bluetooth Shield instructions and connecting via a Bluetooth serial connection. That works fine right out of the box. And then there is Amarino. I’ve gotten to the point where my Android app is sending data and the Bluetooth shield is sending data but neither is getting the data. From what I’ve pieced together, this is a baud rate problem.

So two questions…
Would you agree that it is likely a baud rate problem?
How do you change the baud rate on the Bluetooth Shield?

I’ve tried following these instructions… … -terminal/
But I can only get an input serial port to show up in the Arduino app. And when I try to use that port to enter command mode everything freezes up.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Press “Monitoring” in Amarino and show us the output.

Hey Rony, thanks for the response. Here is what I’m seeing after it connects.

Looks ok.
The fail must be in your software (or Arduino?). Did bluetooth send any data if you reset the Arduino?