Bluetooth serial port module on linux


I have just received my bluetooth serial port module (slave) and connected it to a Seeeduino@3.3V.

I was able to successfully pair to an USB dongle but the device is listed as ‘Unknown’ type and I was not able to find the correspondent serial port… do I need to install any additional driver for it to work on Ubuntu 9.10?

I also tested it on Windows XP and it works perfectly but, I really would like to use it on linux :smiley:

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance

We have not the experience of using bluetooth on linux. What do you mean of “successfully pair to an USB dongle”? How could you do that?

I mean I was able to pair the slave serial port module (connected to a seeeduino) to my linux computer (which uses an USB Bluetooth adapter).

On Windows it recognized the device correctly as a serial port, but on ubuntu 9.10 it says it is an ‘Unknown device’ and I was not able to use the serial port…

Do I need to install any driver for it to work on linux? Where can I get it?

Thanks in advance,

Try this link