Bluetooth Multimeter

Does anyone have the Bluetooth Multimeter working?
Has anyone managed to download the software without problems? I can’t unzip without errors on any of files.
Is the meter already pre-programmed with the software? Or do I need to use the Arduino IDE, of which I don’t have a clue how to use!
I have used the UartSBee connected to PC via a USB cable, should I see any information from the meter? I get an intial character (looks like it could be ‘BT’ icon) response but then nothing else.
Can anyone help?
Seemed like a good idea at the time! :frowning:

I have never been able to get the bluetooth meter I bought to work. Thought I would give it one more try, nope.
I loaded (new?) software from wiki on Android. I can get the device to connect, at least it says it’s connected, but the meter just shows 0.0
I can turn the 0.0 on and off with the red button. Hold puts up a hold indicator. stop appears to do nothing.
Bluetooth symbol changes color when it “connects” but no other “change”.

So what gives, does this work? There has been plenty of time to fix it…

Could you show a picture(of phone) while measuring voltage or resister? Thanks.

informative idea, after reading this i m thinking to use this :slight_smile: