Bluetooth multimeter apk

I recently got out my Seeed Studio Bluetooth Multimeter and tried to use it with the original Android app I just downloaded to my Samsung A22 phone. I had to accept that it was insecure software, but managed to get some data to show on the simulated LCD display. However, the function knob is not visible, so I can’t select A or V. It seems to show some numbers by default from the ohm input.
The wiki shows that there are different looking DVM simulations available, but I can’t find them and don’t know whether anything has been updated since the original 12 Apr 2013 apk file available from
Are there any updates, please?

Progress - I charged an old Android phone - Samsung SM-G900F with Android 6.01. Although connection seems to be difficult, it eventually connects to the bluetooth multimeter and I can see a whole multimeter screen with a knob which lets me select the input, and it works!
I now need to see what I can do with the Arduino software. I believe you can only connect with a USB - serial device, as the USB connector is only for power.