Bluetooth module WLS123A1M connection problem

Dear all,

I am using a serial port bluetooth module WLS123A1M as a cable replacement between our test instrument and wireless portable printer (Oneil printer MF2te).
At this moment I use PC (SSCOM3.2 terminal) instead of microcontroller. Bluetooth module is set as a master device, printer works as a slave. Communication is set to 9600bps.
The bluetooth module sucessfully search for bluetooth devices in the near (e.g. my laptop, mobile phone and also the printer I want connect to). I also used the sequence \r\n+DLPIN\r\n before I tried to connect to BT printer.
When I use \r\n+CONN=0,80,37,2E,E9,DD\r\n (0,8037,2E,E9,DD is actual bluetooth printer address I want to connect to) the module
returns the following sequence:





After +INPIN (PIN code is required) the module waits for about 20 seconds to get PIN from bluetooth printer. But the PIN can not be enetered on printer side (there is no keypad).

Is there any possibility how to remove PIN requesting from slave device? How can I establish wireless communication between BT module and the printer in other way? What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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It is must to input the PIN for the module to be paired.


I agree with you. Even if I use \r\n+RTPIN=0000\r\n when module want to connect (module returns +INPIN and waits for code), the connection is still failed. I don’t know why. I send sequence \r\n+RTPIN=0000\r\n from PC (SSCOM terminal). Any other suggestion? Thank you in adavnce for your help. I am sure that something I’m doing wrong, but I don’t know what.


Dear all,

I just found the solution for connection issue between BT module and wireless printer. After enabling authentication and encryption on the printer the wireless communication passed! Yes, data transmision works fine. I’m almost sure that only autentication that was disabled first caused the communication problems ( I don’t know yet what happend if encryption will be disabled as before, but this I will try tommorow). I am sure that this module has a bright future in our applications! It simple to work with it and also price is very very nice!

So, thanks all for your help and reading my post.

Best regards from Slovenia, Europe,

Thank you for your updating. And glad to know that you solved the problem.